Moore Banghart Inez (w2298)

  • Alias-Pseudonimo-Pseudonyme: -
  • Nationality-Nazionalità-Nationalité: USA
  • Birth/death-Nascita/morte-Naissance/mort: -
  • Means of transport-Mezzo di trasporto-Moyen de transport: On foot-A piedi-A pied
  • Geographical description-Riferimento geografico-Référence géographique: USA

Miss Inez Moore Banghart, the girl who walked from Chicago to New,York last year, is planning to walk from New York to the Panama exposition. She will make her cross-country hike unaccompagned.

The Day Book, 14.08.1914


Rest not
Life is sweeping by
go and dare before you die.
Something mighty and sublime,
leave behind to conquer time.

Johann Wolfgang von Goethe