Chapin Daniel (w1745)

  • Alias-Pseudonimo-Pseudonyme: -
  • Nationality-Nazionalità-Nationalité: USA
  • Birth/death-Nascita/morte-Naissance/mort: -
  • Means of transport-Mezzo di trasporto-Moyen de transport: On foot-A piedi-A pied
  • Geographical description-Riferimento geografico-Référence géographique: USA

In January 2010, Daniel Chapin a youth advocate and activist from Orange County, California walked from California to Tennessee and onto Washington D.C. after a brief month of rest in Nashville, Tennessee. The Walk was organized to promote community solidarity and to raise awareness for the importance of unified faith based youth programs throughout the nation. Chapin who also served as a youth pastor and marriage counselor in California, was motivated by his interactions with young people in his then current hometown, Garden Grove, Calif saying,"Young people are looking for a sense and longing and community," he said. "They're not finding it, especially in churches. They're finding division and doctrinal differences." Chapin's journey visited the heartland of America and along the route he was hosted at a variety of venues who share similar goals of inter-community solidarity & exchange, such as the Roadrunner Hostel in Tucson, Arizona and All the King's Horses Children's Ranch in Benson, Arizona speaking at churches, city halls and the like. Chapin performed the walk without a cell phone now support vehicles. Instead, he relied on teams of individuals and those encountered along the way to aide in travel arrangments/host homes, etc. Chapin is currently working on a book to be released in the summer of 2011 on the journey.


Rest not
Life is sweeping by
go and dare before you die.
Something mighty and sublime,
leave behind to conquer time.

Johann Wolfgang von Goethe