Vernon Tom (w2750)

  • Alias-Pseudonimo-Pseudonyme: Fat Man
  • Nationality-Nazionalità-Nationalité: UK, Inglese, Anglais
  • Birth/death-Nascita/morte-Naissance/mort: -
  • Means of transport-Mezzo di trasporto-Moyen de transport: Bike, tricycle-Bicicletta, triciclo-Vélo, tricycle
  • Geographical description-Riferimento geografico-Référence géographique: Around the World-Giro del mondo-Tour du monde
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  • Additional references-Riferimenti complementari-Références complémentaires: Vernon T., Fat Man on a Bicycle: A Discovery of France, ISIS Large Print Books, 1997.

After several years working as a presenter and interviewer for BBC Radio 4, Vernon's first travelogue series was Fat Man On A Bicycle. As the title implied, Vernon was obese and the first episode followed the health tests he had to undergo before setting off on his journey, which took him from Muswell Hill to the Mediterranean coast of southern France. He would repeat this journey fifteen years later for the TV series, Fat Man in France.

Fat Man at Work and his first television series, Fat Man in the Kitchen, deviated from the travelogue style of the other series. The former featured Vernon talking to people working in factories, while the latter was a cookery programme filmed in his own kitchen in Muswell Hill in which each edition was devoted to cuisine of a different country.

Rest not
Life is sweeping by
go and dare before you die.
Something mighty and sublime,
leave behind to conquer time.

Johann Wolfgang von Goethe