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Fukushima fu un ufficiale dell'esercito giapponese: al termine della guerra russo-giapponese (1904), rientrò in Giappone cavalcando da Berlino a Vladivostok.

For his return to Japan, he chose to make an epic crossing of two continents on horseback, from Berlin to Vladivostok. The trip took one year and four months, and had as one of its objectives, inspecting the construction of the still under construction Trans-Siberian Railway as well as gathering intelligence of the local infrastructure, command and control, along the way. During this journey, on 1 March 1893 prior to entering Manchuria, he was promoted to lieutenant colonel. The story of his 14,000 kilometer ride made him a Japanese national hero, and earned him the Order of the Sacred Treasures, third class. After his return to Japan from his ride across Asia, Fukushima donated his horses to Ueno Zoo in Tokyo, where they quickly became famous tourist attractions.

Pseudonimo: -

Iscrizioni: -

Nazionalità: -

Nascita-morte: 1852-1919

Riferimento geografico:

Mezzo di trasporto: A cavallo

Riferimenti complementari: -

ID: w1959

Internet: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fukushima_Yasumasa

Wikidata: https://www.wikidata.org/wiki/Q481405

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