Harding Matt (w2026)

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Dancing man who became an internet sensation when he jived his way around the world is back with hilarious new video

He has been quiet for four years, but the dancing man who became an internet sensation when he jived his way around the world is back with a new video.

Matt Harding, a former games designer from Connecticut, left his career behind to do his trademark dance in every country he could reach.

His video series, known as 'Where the Hell is Matt?' has been viewed by millions across the world and this week he finally released his follow-up video which features troubled Syria and the notoriously private nation of North Korea.

His latest offering involves extra moves and even dancing to the native country’s dancing styles.

At the beginning of the five minute clip, which looks set to become viral, he jumps into a small group of natives in Kigali, Rwanda.

As as the video progresses he calls upon dancers from Egypt, China, Finland, Columbia, Pakistan, Rwanda, North Korea, and many other countries.

The heart-warming video finishes back at in his garden in Seattle with his wife and his new baby on his shoulders in Seattle, Washington.

The video gives viewers the opportunity to donate to the various charity organizations throughout the world including American Voices (the Iraq dancing scene), Amnesty International (Syria dancing scene) and the Haitian Relief Organization (Port-au-Prince dancing).

Some of the cities Mr Harding has visited didn’t make it into the final cut, but he stated on his YouTube channel that he will add them to the outtakes video which will become available soon.


Rest not
Life is sweeping by
go and dare before you die.
Something mighty and sublime,
leave behind to conquer time.

Johann Wolfgang von Goethe