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Josie Dew è una nota cicloturista inglese.

Josie Dew is an English touring cyclist, author and cook. Although a caterer by profession she frequently takes long cycle trips (such as circumnavigating Britain or Japan – or crossing the Sahara on her bicycle whilst suffering kidney problems) and then writes a humorous travelogue detailing her experiences. She lives near Portsmouth, England.She has 2 daughters called Molly and Daisy and a son called Jack.

Pseudonimo: -

Iscrizioni: -

Nazionalità: -

Nascita-morte: -1966

Riferimento geografico:

Mezzo di trasporto: Bicicletta, monociclo, triciclo

Riferimenti complementari: Dew J., The wind in my wheels, London, Little, Brown and Company, 1992 Dew J., Long cloud ride, London, Time Warner, 2007

ID: w1862

Internet: http://www.josiedew.co.uk

Wikidata: https://www.wikidata.org/wiki/Q2547140

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