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The Museum of Travel and Tourism, founded in 2016 as a digital platform, has evolved into a major virtual museum, attracting over 642'185 visits from 2016 to 2023. The museum offers varied perspectives on the tourism industry through curated content, becoming a popular source of information. Recently, the team has been focusing on expanding the museum from the digital to the physical space, aiming to establish a tangible museum experience and inviting others to join this development. [More info]

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Top Travel museums
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Top Travel museums

Travel has always been an essential part of human experience, connecting cultures, expanding horizons, and igniting curiosity. Across the globe, a unique category of museums captures this spirit: travel museums. These institutions are dedicated to showcasing the art, history, and science of travel, offering visitors an opportunity to embark on a journey through time and space without leaving the museum walls.

1. http://museodelviaggiorom.blogspot.com 

Museo del Viaggio Fabrizio De André
The Museo e centro di cultura rom is located in Milan, Italy. It focuses on Romani society and culture. 

2. http://www.verkehrshaus.ch 

Museum of Transport
The fascinating history of transport and its vehicles together with their socio-political effects on our culture are the key themes of the Swiss Museum of Transport. 

3. http://www.museedubagage.com 

Musée du Bagage
From April 2016 onwards, discover the new Luggage Museum: In this fully redesigned setting, take a journey through time with a selection of legendary trunks, all part of a unique collection in Europe. 

4. http://reiselivsmuseum.no 

The Norwegian Museum of Travel and Tourism
The Norwegian Museum of Travel and Tourism is responsible for documentation of tourism in Norway from 1800 to the present day.

5. http://www.mkvm.hu 

Hungarian Museum of Trade and Tourism
The Hungarian Museum of Trade and Tourism (MKVM)is the only dedicated museum of travel and tourism in the world and takes its collections focus from the regions of Hungary.

6. http://www.visittorun.pl/306,l2.html 

Tony Halik Travellers' Museum
The Tony Halik Travellers' Museum was established thanks to the explorer and collector passion of the couple of Polish great globetrotters - Elżbieta Dzikowska and Tony Halik.

7. http://www.museoviaggiatori.it 

Museo dei viaggiatori in Sicilia
The Museum of Travellers in Sicily was set up by those aware of the importance of the high cultural value and is unique in the context of promoting the heritage, artistry and landscape of Sicily, in particular, the Ibleo region.