Le Tour du Monde en Quatre-Vingt Jours

Verne, Jules. Le Tour du Monde en Quatre-Vingt Jours. Paris: Hetzel et C.ie, 1874.


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Le Tour du Monde en 240 Jours

Michel, Ernest. Le Tour du Monde en 240 Jours. Nice: Patronage de Saint-Pierre, 1882.


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Around the World on a Bicycle

Stevens, Thomas. Around the World on a Bicycle. London: Sampson Low, 1887.

Richly entertaining account, first published in 1887, of the first man to ride a bicycle around the world. Stevens rode his high-wheeler from San Francisco to Boston, then sailed to London for the ride across Europe, the Middle East, and Asia.


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A Canterbury Pilgrimage

Pennell, Joseph, and Elizabeth Robins Pennell. A Canterbury Pilgrimage. New York: Charles Scribner’s Sons, 1885.


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Some Humorous Experiences of a Globe Trotter

Connell, James. Some Humorous Experiences of a Globe Trotter. Battle Creek, Mich.: Ellis Pub. Co., 1915.


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A Tramp across the Continent

Fletcher Lummis, Charles. A Tramp across the Continent. New York: C. Scribner’s Sons, 1892.

When young Charles Lummis heard about a job in the small town of Los Angeles more than a century ago, he walked all the way to it—across the plains, up Pike's Peak, down Devil's Gorge, through the Grand Canyon, over the desert. It was, by conservative estimate, one of the grandest hikes in American history. With no reason to be modest, Lummis called his "unpretentious" account of it "the wayside notes of a happy vagabonding."


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A Vagabond Journey around the World

Franck, Harry Alverson. A Vagabond Journey around the World. New York: The Century Co, 1910.

This is Harry A. Franck's first book. It's the account of his epic journey around the world. He originally intended to travel without money, without weapons, and without carrying baggage or supplies. Instead, he wanted to depend both for protection and the necessities of life on personal endeavor and the native resources of each locality. He altered his original plan to decide to carry a kodak camera and enough money to cover photography supplies ($104). The chief object of the journey was to live and work among the world's workers in every clime. His plan included no fixed itinerary. The details of route he left to chance and the exigencies of circumstances.


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Innocents Abroad

Twain, Mark. Innocents Abroad. Hartford: American Pub. Co., 1881.

Being some account of the steamship Quaker City's pleasure excursion to Europe and the Holy land; with descriptions of countries, nations, incidents, and adventures as they appeared to the author : with two hundred and thirty-four illustrations. The Innocents Abroad, or The New Pilgrims' Progress was published by American author Mark Twain in 1869. The travel literature chronicles Twain's pleasure cruise on board the chartered vessel Quaker City through Europe and the Holy Land with a group of religious pilgrims. It was the best selling of Twain's works during his lifetime.


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A Year’s Journey through France, and Part of Spain

Thicknesse, Philip. A Year’s Journey through France, and Part of Spain. London: Printed for W. Brown, 1789.


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The Amateur Emigrant

Stevenson, Robert Louis. The Amateur Emigrant. Chicago: Stone and Kimball, 1895.

The Amateur Emigrant (in full: The Amateur Emigrant from the Clyde to Sandy Hook) is Robert Louis Stevenson's travel memoir of his journey from Scotland to California in 1879-1880. It is not a complete account, covering the first third, by ship from Europe to New York City. The middle leg of the trip is documented in Across the Plains (1892) with the final part covered in The Silverado Squatters (1883). The Amateur Emigrant was written in 1879-80 and was not published in full until 1895, one year after his death.


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Frauenfahrt Um Die Welt

Pfeiffer, Ida. Frauenfahrt Um Die Welt. Wien: Carl Gerold, 1850.


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The Yangtze Valley and Beyond

Bird, Isabella. The Yangtze Valley and Beyond: An Account of Journeys in China. London: John Murray, 1899.


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A Lady’s Life in the Rocky Mountains

Bird, Isabella. A Lady’s Life in the Rocky Mountains. London: John Murray, 1881.


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A Tour Round the Globe

Perkins, James. A Tour Round the Globe. London: W.H. and L. Collingridge, 1891.


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