Mcilrath Harold Darwin & Hattie (w2268)

Alla fine dell'Ottocento Harold e Hattie McIlrath completarono un giro del mondo in bicicletta sponsorizzati dal quotidiano di Chicago "Inter Ocean". Partiti da Chicago il 10 aprile 1895, percorsero 28'000 miglia in tre anni: Hattie divenne una delle prime donne a compiere l'impresa (la prima donna a compierla sembra sia stata Annie Londonderry). Come scrisse il marito: "When I consented to the plan of going around the world I intended to make the trip alone, but my wife pleaded so hard to accompany me that I finally concluded to take her. She is a brave little girl, and rather than considering her a burden, I now look upon her as having been of great help to me on our memorable voyage. Aside from the fact that she is an expert wheelwoman, she is also an unerring shot. Nerve she possesses in abundance, as all will agree after reading of the adventures which befell us."


Pseudonimo: -

Iscrizioni: -

Nazionalità: Americana

Nascita-morte: -

Riferimento geografico: Giro del mondo

Mezzo di trasporto: Bicicletta, monociclo, triciclo

Riferimenti complementari: McIlrath H. D., Around the world on wheels for the Inter Ocean: the travels and adventures in foreign lands of Mr. and Mrs. H. Darwin McIlrath, Chicago, Inter Ocean Publishing Co., 1898

ID: w2268


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