Harbo George (w2025)

Nel 1896 Franky Samuelsen e George Harbo furono i primi ad attraversare l'oceano Atlantico con una barca a remi. A bordo della "Fox" solo lo stretto necessario, un compasso, un sestante, le mappe nautiche. Partirono da The Battery, New York City, il 6 giugno 1896 e arrivarono alle isole Scilly, Gran Bretagna, 55 giorni dopo. Il loro record rimase imbattuto per 114 anni.

True Log of the Fox

On June 6th, 1896 George Harbo and Frank Samuelsen departed from New York's Battery in an 18 foot rowboat destination Europe.  They took the northern route skirting in and out of the shipping lanes.  The same shipping passages that the Titanic would later use and the same areas fished by Gloucester and Nova Scotia fisherman.

They encountered a pod of whales, gale force winds and high following seas.  At one point they were broadsided by a large wave and capsized.  They were prepared, and the 'hand rails' which were placed on the keel, by their design, helped them right the small open boat in minutes.

Rowing, each man put in a total of 18 hours a day.  They never could both sleep because their small vessel would stray off course without constant rowing.  They often averaged 50 - 60 miles per day on their 3,000 mile voyage.

On August 1st they arrived at the Sicily Islands which is the British Isles most western point in a record time of 55 days.  Since that achievement many rowers have attempted to best this record, but as of this date 2 Men in an open rowboat, without sail, motor, cover or rudder,  have yet to beat this time or match the achievement with corresponding equipment.


Pseudonimo: -

Iscrizioni: -

Nazionalità: Norvegese

Nascita-morte: 1864-1909

Riferimento geografico: Atlantico

Mezzo di trasporto: Barca, nave

Riferimenti complementari: -

ID: w2025

Internet: http://www.bronzesea.org/Pages/TrueLogoftheFox.aspx

Wikidata: https://www.wikidata.org/wiki/Q5489392

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