Great Peace March For Global Nuclear Disarmament (w1989)

Nel 1986 alcune centinaia di persone hanno percorso a piedi la tratta che va da Los Angeles alla capitale Washington DC. L'iniziativa si chiamava Great Peace March for Global Nuclear Disarmament, una marcia voluta per sensibilizzare la popolazione sui danni e sulla pericolosità dell'energia nucleare. I partecipanti hanno impiegato nove mesi per percorrere 3'700 miglia (6'000 km).

In 1986, about 1200 of us left Los Angeles to begin a nine-month march for disarmament--our destination Washington DC. PRO-Peace, a group formed by David Mixner, had planned the march, but expected 5,000 people to show. About two weeks into the march, PRO-Peace went bankrupt. Most folks went home, and the equipment was repossessed, as we fought the cold spring weather of the Mojave desert. The remaining 300-400 of us re-grouped, with lots of help, in the town of Barstow. Two weeks later we left Barstow, a new, humbler march, but a march nonetheless.

In November 15, 1986, we marched into DC, despite the predictions of our failure, almost 1200 strong again. About 15,000 people were there to greet us--many of those had helped the march or were inspired by it as we walked through their towns.

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ID: w1989



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